Body Treatments And Wraps Spa

Not so long ago, going to a spa meant that you were going to go sit in a sauna or perhaps even get a massage. Today, body treatments and wraps spas offer you a variety of relaxing and health-enhancing procedures and techniques. There are spa treatments today for accentuating beauty, increasing well being, dietetic education and even treatments that involve therapy and instruction for holistically healthy lifestyle modifications.

A brief history of spa body treatments:

The Romans and the ancient Greeks were the first to utilize and benefit from spa treatments. They would use tubs filled with different temperatures of water, essential oils, flower petals, herbs and more in order to rejuvenate their skin and enhance their beauty. There is evidence leading back to 25 BC that suggest spa treatment usage. In Rome, lucky citizens relaxed in and enjoyed the Diocletian bathing facilities capable of accommodating more than 5000 people at once. Then, in the middle ages, spa centers were constructed around mineral springs and natural hot springs as well. Saunas and steam rooms came into play during the years of the Renaissance Era throughout Europe. Today, people worldwide enjoy various new spa techniques and technologies to gain benefits for their bodies, minds and spirits.

Let’s examine some of the more demanded spa treatments, types of massages and the benefits of body treatments and wraps:

Types Of Massages:

Ayurvedic Massage

Hailing from India, Ayurvedic massage techniques are personalized according to the individual’s health necessities. The bases of Ayurvedic medicinal practices are all geared for the balancing of the dosha. The dosha is an individual’s completely unique “recipe” for overall health and happiness. In addition to specific essential oils, various forms of kneading, tapping, squeezing and stroking are used to help to balance the dosha optimally.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage techniques involve a series of stretching movements, acupuncture, reflexology, skin rolling, kneading and the application of essential oils for aromatherapy benefits in order to soothe away stress, release tension pockets and encourage overall bodily and mental relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

As one would assume, deep tissue massage techniques apply considerable finger pressure and firm strokes in order to manipulate and alleviate muscle tightness. The basis of this type of massage is to penetrate past the surface and get into the myofascia region. That’s where the tissues that connect bones, tendons, ligaments, organs and nerves reside.

Your local body treatments in wraps spa will offer a variety of massage techniques for you to experiment with in order to manage your stress and rejuvenate your bodily systems. Let’s continue!

Hot Stone Massages

Smooth, rounded and warmed stones are placed at select locations on the body in order to relax tense muscles before the physical massage begins. Hot stones are also used for a variety of body treatments that are aimed at beauty enhancement. Heat increases blood flow and blood carries oxygen and other nutrients that the body needs to function optimally.

Body Wraps

A variety of muds, clays, masks, herbs, fruits, vegetables, salts, minerals and more are all used on the surface of the skin that is then wrapped snugly in specialized cloth. This is done in order to remove impurities, stimulate perspiration, eliminate toxic bodily fluids, induce relaxation and produce an overall feeling of euphoria. Heat is often used in conjunction with the compression produced by the wraps. The entire process comprehensively rejuvenates the entire body just as a facial rejuvenates the skin of your face.

Manicures and Pedicures

Your body treatments and wraps spa will offer you a variety of procedures to help your fingernails and toenails look and feel their best. Besides simply shaping and filing your nails, your hands and feet may be soothed with hot wax, scrubbing, massage and techniques for exfoliation.

Other services offered at your body treatments and wraps spa:
Salt scrubs;
Mud baths;
Nutritional counseling;
Exercise sessions;
Jacuzzi baiting;

What are the benefits associated with spa treatments?

The benefits that you can experience from body treatments and wraps at your local spa are quite numerous. Here are just a few of them:
Effective stress management;
Rejuvenated skin;
Elimination of bodily toxins;
Increased flexibility and agility in the joints;
Rejuvenated skin;
Increased circulation;
Self appreciation;
Increases in overall bodily health;
The enhancement of happiness;

The bottom line about body treatments and wraps spa sessions:

If you have the extra money available to pay for the services offered at your local spa, then do it! The benefits are immeasurable. The feeling that you get from pampering yourself is wonderful. Taking a break from your daily schedule and alleviating accumulated stress is of profound importance from time to time. There’s absolutely nothing negative to say about the various spa treatments available to you. In fact, these body treatments and body wraps should be enjoyed by everybody as often as possible.

Treat Your Hay Fever Symptoms Naturally With Claritose

Hay Fever Injection, Hay Fever Injection, Hay Fever Symptoms,

One in four adults in the UK suffers from some form of hay

Tree pollen can start as early as March in the northern hemisphere as the trees react to the warming effect of the onset of spring. Species such as hazel, yew and elm are among the earliest of the trees to start their reproductive cycle. The majority of people, however, are allergic to grass pollen, and the season for this is much later in the year, starting in May and continuing along to mid-August. When specialist tests are done for hay fever, it usually involves the identification of which types of allergens the patient is most sensitive to.

Here are some tips for those who suffer from this condition to prepare for the forthcoming season:

Be prepared – make sure you have stocks of your Hay Fever Symptoms, Hay Fever Injection, Hay Fever Symptoms, hay fever remedies, including antihistamine tablets, eye drops, nasal sprays etc

Remember that you have this allergy when planning holidays away – sea side locations may be better than camping in a forest or field

If you suffer from secondary conditions, such as asthma, which might be triggered by hay fever make sure you have in date inhalers and carry them with you

Make sure people around you know that you might need inhalers and where to find it in an emergency

Remember to start checking the pollen count on television, websites or phone apps

Use sunglasses when outside – particularly the wrap around kind – it reduces the amount of pollen that reaches your eyes

When driving, keep the car windows shut – hay fever is a common reason for getting a car with air conditioning

If you suffer badly, and it affects your quality of life through disruption of sleep or reduction in work productivity, consider an appointment with your doctor to get prescriptions or a referral for further treatment before it gets too bad

Hay fever – also called allergic rhinitis is a common allergic reaction to airborne outdoor materials such as pollen spores or mold. Hay fever is usually caused by pollen released by weeds, grasses, trees and flowers and commonly happens seasonally, primarily in the spring and fall. Hay fever that comes from molds can happen any time during the year. Symptoms can change between individuals but most common are puffy, itchy and watering eyes; nasal congestion or a stuffy nose; a sore throat; high body temperature; sinus pressure and facial pain; decreased taste and smell and pain in the ear region

The best way to treat your hay fever is to stop contact with the substance that causes the reaction. But, depending on the allergen that triggers your hay fever this might not be possible because either the specific allergen cannot be found by your doctor or it is unavoidable.

To diagnose and treat allergic rhinitis the actual substance causing the reaction must be found. An allergist uses a skin test consisting of diluted solutions of various allergens. A raised red bump will show on the skin if a positive allergic reaction occurs to any of the allergens being tested. According to these test results, the allergist may recommend a series of allergy shots.

Hay Fever Treatments, Hay Fever Treatments, Hay Fever Symptoms,

Long time sufferer of Hay Fever – I have decided to set up a website to help others deal with the symptoms of hay fever and guide them with the best treatments – remedies and home cures that I have found through the years.

How Emotions Affect Acne, Cystic Acne, Dealing With Body Acne, Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatments, And Deep Breathing Exercises Affect Acne

How Emotions Affect acne

Many years ago, doctors thought that everything that affected a woman’s health was directly related to their emotional state. The old family doctor would pat a woman’s hand and say, “It’s just your nerves, my dear.”

Then women’s rights came into play and the next generation of doctors didn’t believe that the emotions had any affect whatsoever on any health issues that women faced. Or, if they did, they were afraid to say so.

Times have changed again. Now doctors are beginning to recognize that the state of the mind has a direct effect on the physical body of both men and women.

When young women or young men become highly emotional (and, lets face it, young people are prone to becoming highly emotional), their bodies react to that emotional stress in many ways. Some develop nervous stomachs, others develop nervous habits like nail biting, and still others will develop skin disorders like acne.

This is not to imply that there is not a physical cause for acne but rather to point out that the emotions can and do play a part in it.

Research by some of the premier research facilities in the country has been quietly working to establish the mind/body connection. A 2006 study released by researchers at Harvard reports that there are some people with acne for who there is a psychological connection between acne breakouts and emotional upheaval.

The Harvard study recommends that for those people who have an emotional relationship with their acne breakouts, treatments can help to clear up their skin.

Actually because of the Harvard study as well as many other studies, there has been an entirely new medical discipline developed called psycho dermatology. The idea of this new discipline is to combine psychotherapy and traditional acne medications.

Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne is the usual form of acne, even if it is severe and includes inflammation, it is just skin deep. The garden variety acne can be mild, moderate or severe and it can leave scars if it isn’t treated early.

Acne should never be thought of as just a part of growing up. It isn’t that at all. Acne can leave lasting physical and emotional scars on those who are plagued by it. But compared to cystic acne, the usual form of acne (acne vulgaris) is a walk in the park.

Cystic acne is more than just skin deep. What starts out as just a little pimple, whitehead, or blackhead develops into a pustule. The pustule then further develops and begins affecting tissue that is much deeper. In effect, a boil or a cyst develops.

A cyst heals very slowly and it as it heals the waste that remains is not discharged. Even after a cyst or a boil heals there will often be a lump remaining.

Cystic acne most often develops in the teenage years. Acne Vulgaris, that is, common acne can often be treated with simple facial cleansing measures and over-the-counter acne medications. When moderate to severe acne develops a dermatologist needs to be consulted.

When cystic acne is diagnosed, the dermatologist has tools to use that can help and prevent the physical scarring as well as the emotional scarring that acne can cause.

There are cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion and chemical peels that can help make scars left from acne less noticeable and serve to make life better in general for those who have had acne or who have had acne in their teenage years and have the scars to prove it.

Dealing with body acne

Most people associate acne with the face; but, acne can and does frequently occur on other parts of the body. Acne on the neck, back and buttocks are very common. All acne, regardless of location is caused by the same chemical processes.

The most common is that the sebaceous glands are stimulated to produce more sebum either by a hormonal imbalance or by extreme emotional upheaval.

The sebum serves to clog the skin pores and acne develops. There are, of course, other causes but that is the most common. Another very common cause for acne on the back, neck and buttocks is friction. This friction can also stimulate the sebaceous glands and the friction irritates the skin. Sweat is sometimes a factor. Bacteria thrive in a closed environment like underneath tight fitting clothing, as well.

Treating body acne is basically the same procedure as treating acne on the face. Taking a shower at least twice a day and using a cleanser that contains an exfoliant can help by removing dead skin cells. After any hard physical exercise you should take a shower as soon as possible to remove the sweat and the bacteria that will irritate acne.

Wearing pure cotton clothing can help with body acne. Pure cotton briefs and panties breathe while synthetic fabrics tend to hold in moisture. Never wear clothing more than once without it being laundered because you will simply be putting the bacteria back on.

Avoid using backpacks and/or wearing restrictive and tight clothing. Both create friction and the binding will only aggravate an existing case of body acne. If the body acne shows signs of infection or inflammation, you should see a dermatologist as quickly as possible. In his arsenal of acne fighting tools, a dermatologist has many things that can help to alleviate the discomfort of body acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatments

Benzoyl Peroxide has been used for many years to treat acne. It has proven to be very effective in the treatment of most acne in teenagers as well as in adults. There is an initial drying effect but that usually lessens with use and will cease altogether once the treatment has been stopped.

When first beginning a Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatment there is usually a few weeks of minor discomfort. The skin becomes dry, red and itchy. It isn’t very pleasant but it does abate. When Benzoyl Peroxide is applied to the skin there is a chemical reaction which creates benzoic acid and oxygen. This reaction removes the top layer of skin and makes it much more susceptible to sun burn. This peeling effect is very similar to the glycolic acid peels that are used as anti-aging treatments.

Some of the brand names that Benzoyl Peroxide is sold under are OXY, NeoBenz Micro, Basiron, Brevoxyl, Stioxyl, and Panoxyl. Benzoyl peroxide is usually applied to the face twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. Before applying Benzoyl Peroxide, the face must be washed and patted dry.

Please wait about 15 minutes after washing your face before applying the Benzoyl Peroxide. After application, it is advised to use a moisturizer with an SPF factor of 30. People using Benzoyl Peroxide are advised to avoid direct sunlight because the peeling effect makes sun burn a serious concern.

When used in the prescribed concentrations of 2 to 2.5%, Benzoyl Peroxide is safe when used as directed, and there are very few people who cannot tolerate it.

The only side effects associated with Benzoyl Peroxide is the initial dryness, redness and itchiness that are to be expected.

Deep Breathing Exercises and Acne

A simple single cause of acne has never been firmly established. The reason is that there is simply not one single cause. There are multiple physical causes of acne and at least one psychological cause: stress or emotional upheaval.

A dermatologist can prescribe medications to alleviate the physical causes of acne as well as to treat the pustules, white heads, and black heads associated with acne.

Treating the psychological cause of acne can be done by a psycho dermatologist or the patient who suffers from acne can address the stress that is causing the acne himself or herself by practicing yoga or deep breathing techniques called Pranayama and meditation.

meditation techniques can help; but, when they are combined with Pranayama breathing techniques they are a great deal more effective in relieving stress.

The basic concepts of Pranayama breathing techniques are rather simple and can be learned by almost everyone. The idea is to breathe deeply while relaxing the abdominal muscles and learning to control the involuntary and continuous breathing reflexive action.

Here are the basics:

1. Early morning is the best time to practice Pranayama.

2. Outside is the best place; but, near an open window will do.

3. Assume an upright position with your legs folded and your hands relaxed in your lap.

4. Very slowly – inhale deeply.

5. As you inhale, pull your stomach muscles in and your chest out. Your stomach muscles should be taut.

6. Hold the breath for a count of five.

7. Slowly exhale and let your stomach muscles relax as your chest collapses.

8. Wait for no more than two seconds and repeat the exercise.

Once this deep breathing technique has been mastered, you should learn to breathe first through one nostril and then through the other to gain the maximum relaxation that deep breathing affords you.

fight acne by being smart. Take as many preventative steps as possible to avoid situations that create the opportunity for acne to develop. If acne does afflict you, consult a qualified medical professional before deciding on a course of action.

Popular Body Surgical Treatment Methods in Arkansas

The body contouring surgery varies depending on the procedure. A patient looking for immediate results would consider a body lift. A body lift is going to tighten all of the loose skin around the body in one to three surgeries. After this surgery a patient can expect to be back on his or her feet in a just a few days. Exercise and strenuous work should be avoided from two week to thirty days depending on the advice from a patient’s cosmetic surgeon. The main purpose of the body lifting operation is to correct the excess body flaccid skin and reshape the contour, giving a harmonious shape. These cosmetic treatment methods are related to improving body features and looks in order to make it look attractive, whereas reconstructive surgery aims to restore shape and figure of certain body parts, which are affected due to the burns, fractures, congenital defects etc

Surgeons at the cosmetic centers should have hospital privileges to perform more complex surgeries, and for cases of emergency. Even if the operating facility at a luxury cosmetic surgery center is adequate, surgeons must acquire hospital privileges to have office-based facilities recognized by the AAAASF. Hospital privileges require extensive peer review. The majority of Arkansas cosmetic surgery centers will provide any number of procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, Botox injections, liposuction, facelift, body contouring, tummy tuck, laser resurfacing, brow lift, eyelid surgical procedure, just to name a few. All cosmetic surgery centers in Arkansas will provide before and after photos on their websites.

Cosmetic surgery as we know it has been practiced by over 100 years. The advantages nowadays are the use of much more varied techniques, well standardized, as well as the special equipment developed for this purpose and the limited number of risks associated with facial surgery and the rapid healing process. Arkansas Facial cosmetic surgery is a medical discipline designed to reshape the parts of the face that people want to change. It improves people’s looks and helps them alter their appearance to how they desire to look. Various cosmetic surgery procedures affect different parts of a face and are performed as per individual requirements.

The effects of Nose Reshaping are permanent and ever lasting. The main goal of undergoing the procedure is to create a balance in your facial statistics. Once you have completed your research and contemplated the consequences, people can schedule a nasal consultation and make decision about a nose re-shape, yourself. Cheap cosmetic surgery centers are a relatively simple procedure carried out under a general anaesthetic and require an overnight stay in hospital. Nose reshaping scars surgical methods are usually inside the nose, so cannot be seen.

Facial cosmetic surgery is a medical discipline designed to reshape the parts of the face that people want to change. It improves people’s looks and helps them alter their appearance to how they desire to look. Various cosmetic surgery procedures affect different parts of a face and are performed as per individual requirements. Most often cosmetic surgical treatment is performed on the face than any other body part. There are several types of facial cosmetic surgical treatment procedures that range from non-invasive aesthetic types like Botox and laser treatment to more radical treatments like face lifts and nose jobs.

Review more information on body surgery clinics in Arkansas with the help of this site. Find best information on cheap cosmetic surgery methods by visiting this site.

Learn About Types of Pimples – The Common Skin Disasters

The competitive trendy lifestyles of everyone today urge considerable attention to maintaining healthy and vibrant skin tones to augment overall visual looks. Though everyone likes to simulate the glowing skin types as shown in magazines, movies and on TV very rarely a person escapes experiencing an occasional pimple or two on their face. There are several types of pimples identified from dermatological view.

Whiteheads are most common types of pimples. It is a milder form of pimples and arises with excessive production of natural oils accumulated within skin pores. This condition will lead to clogged follicle pores to form a closed comedone generally known as a whitehead. Whiteheads are a deterrent for healthy skin textures and it takes away the natural sheen off the skin. By making use of mild facial cleansers specifically aimed for treatment of whiteheads you can easily overcome them. Two most effective treatments found today are Dermagist and Clear Skin Max detoxifying cleansers that are perfect for curing of whiteheads.

Another type of pimples is blackheads. While whiteheads can remain obscured in the skin blackheads has the further negative effect of sticking out of ones face due to oxidization which makes it all the more prominent. They are thus known as open comedones which are the result of continuous exposure of oily skin to air. They can make skin look very unattractive and make life miserable for the affected persons. Getting rid of blackheads is not a difficult task with same skin care products as indicated above.

Teenagers mainly succumb to the blackhead ring due to excessive hormone stimulations during puberty. Eradication is not complicated issues if they can keep skin clean and clear of oil build up. The idea is to treat skin gently as excessive scrubbing will result in dry skin provoking excessive oil production in the skin. Make sure to use a skin care routine that will not backfire on you.

While whiteheads and blackheads are a hindrance it comes no where to the really serious and ghastly type of pimples. Papules are a painful and sore type of pimple arising as a result of exposed whiteheads. It can happen when you pop them in early stages or through scratching. Papules do not generate puss so popping will not reduce the pain anyway.

Back acne is also another bad type of pimples. Instead on the face they arrive on the backs of teenagers and refuse to go away even when they grow up. Back acne can be attracted particularly in heat and sweaty body types. It has to be tended through medical therapy in order to avoid body scarring. Some dermatological approved back acne remedies are Exposed, Dermagist and Zenmed. These detoxifying products yield amazing results.

Among rare types of pimples, Acne Conglobata is one to watch out for! They are dangerous, highly painful and not just appear on your face. Every part in the body including face, chest, back, thighs, butt or any other part it fair game. The best way to steer clear from this pimple menace is to avoid anabolic steroid abuse. You need dermatologist intervention with these types of pimples. They can be treated by experts who recommend certified skin specialty products.

Use Water to Create An Effective Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

By drinking enough water, you can help control your type 2 diabetes symptoms. The key is being sure that you are drinking enough water – and you can really tell when is happening. However, we know that nearly every person in the world is at some level of dehydration.

Most pain and disease can be traced to dehydration. You are made aware of this crisis level need of water by localized pain, such as joint pain, heartburn, migraines, even angina pain. Water isn’t evenly spread around when there isn’t enough in the body. All the body works, but certain parts don’t receive enough to work well. Toxic wastes build up, metabolism doesn’t operate properly. Nerve endings register the negative environmental changes in the specific area. This is interpreted as pain in the conscious brain. Build up of these toxins over time results in disease.

A little bit of sea salt in water is an effective treatment. It has to be just water. Drink products with sugar, caffeine, fruit juices, and other ingredients cause your body to treat the fluid differently. This step is needed because the body can only use water to make up the difference. Removing the materials in drinks other than water causes the rehydration process to not work. The sodium and chloride that makes up the sea salt is used by the body to make electrolytes. One major use of electrolytes is to transport glucose into cells after insulin opens the door.

The ‘lack of water budget’ is controlled proportionally – 66% of the lack of water is removed from the interior of individual cells, 26% from the exterior of the cells, and 8% of the water is taken up in the vascular (blood vessel) system. Outside of a laboratory, it is impossible to measure this difference in moisture. The result of this water management system in some people can be diabetes. Insulin release is slowed to control the opening of the doors into the cells for water. The cells that get their full ration of water are selected, with one group being the brain. The rest of them then dry out, causing faster aging in them. Wrinkles are just one of the results of this event chain.

A material that causes your body to not leak fluid is called an antihistamine – this is the action that most drugs are designed to do, on some parts of the body better than others in both direct and indirect fashions. A couple of examples of these manufactured drugs are anti depressants and pain medications. These things are made to stop an immediate problem, but don’t really deal with the reason the fluid is leaking out of the cell in the first place. Medical personel, in the case of emergency, connect the victim’s blood system to a source of salt water (saline solution). This antihistamine action is also created, on a much more basic level, by having enough water in you. But why have a medical community if all you need to know is to drink enough water everyday? Perhaps profit is the reason.

So the moral to this story is simple. Drink enough water. The easy formula to do this is take your weight in pounds, divide it in half, and convert it to fluid ounces. This is the amount of water you need to drink a day. If you weigh 200 pounds, the number is 100 fluid ounces, a bit less than a gallon. Over time, you will find yourself avoiding pain, disease, and perhaps an early death. I’ve been doing this for quite some time, and I’ve had great results (like stopping type 2 diabetes symptoms) and I’m not going to stop. I’ve talked with doctors on this and have been assured that this amount of water daily will not harm nearly anyone. Remember that nearly everyone has an internal drought, so what can you lose?

Care for Body and specially treatment on hair loss

Human body are very sensitive in this pollution environment, in this environment mostly dust and gasses and chemical reaction best treatment with the help of spa packages and use the different massage therapies control the dieses and increase the fitness of body for basically woman problem they have the problem mostly related to hair , hair fall and hair loss are now days very normal diseases , hair problems and there solution information gives from the different type of therapies and also most of the related website suggest you a which is the best treatment and apply the natural product from suggest by the specialist of hair . Hair loss basically happened when you not maintain properly your hair and not cover from the dust, mostly hair problem such as: thinning of hair and are some another problem generate by the not take properly food and many times change an oil of the common hair problems. In this day’s most of the people suffer from these diseases, hair fall treatments are control your hair loss in this modern lifestyle our long hair it is very important for increase the beauty due to our modern lifestyle and when we take a healthy food at morning time then it is increase our health and properly maintain our bodies healthy diet beneficial , we care our body in different types of tips and techniques used in treating these for healthy body as it use of the daily exercise and apply the product which is solve our hair related problems.

Stress in life from the hair loss: Generally women and girls are very disturbed and stress in mind with the hair problems because they are losing their hair. Hair specialist and doctors are suggest the best product for hair, generally no normal person are not no which products are best for there. It is also not important that some hair loss problem create stress in life. Take a service from body massage bvithis type of service give you all the body related problem solution to take a best drug and treatment decrease the hair fall and hair loss related problem full body treatment not for only for hair but mentally controlling stress, the style of hair treatment the people that some people are going to search the best treatment for hair loss their hair and there is nothing they can do about it, rather like worrying about whether the sun is going to come up each day. Instead, would it not be better to work at accepting the fact that this is an inevitable part of their life and remaining

Beauty is not happen with the beauty of hair for select the right type of herbal products and hair loss treatment with the use of effective way and better result is to search for long hair and improve the quality of hair. Always use the herbal medicine and treatment because with this they not give a side effect. Visit the nearest spa center or massage center. More, healthy uses the popular website and get a full information about hair loss. visit http;//

How to Tell a Cold From a Sinus Infection

How to Tell a Cold from a Sinus Infection. and how to prevent a cold from becoming a sinus infection.

You are sneezing and hacking, your nose is red, congested and blocked, and you feel awful. You have a slight fever. Is it a common cold? Sure it is, but is it a sinus infection? If it is -just a cold- then it is due to a virus. This is called viral rhinosinusitis. ( rhino refers to the nose being involved). If we do a CT scan, we often find sinus cavity changes – thick mucus – in the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses. The sinus drainage passages may be blocked. Under normal conditions this mucus is drained from the sinuses by the action of cilia. These are the tiny oars that move mucus containing bacteria, dust, pollens, etc out of the sinuses and nose. With a -bad cold-, the secretions may not be drained out fast enough or the drainage may be blocked. Therefore, steps to increase cilia movement, and remove blockage are indicated. If the mucus remains in the sinus cavity, then bacteria remain in place and can multiply. The rhinosinusitis is then converted to a sinusitis. Common bacteria that cause sinusitis are Hemophilus influenzae, Moraxcella cattarrhalis and Streptococcus pneumonia. They may be present in the nasopharynx and can be carried into the sinuses by heavy coughing and forceful nose blowing. The harder you blow the nose, the more bacteria are blown into the sinuses and ears. The more force you use to clear a blocked ear, the more bacteria you force into that ear. It is possible to take a CT scan in order to help differentiate a common cold from a sinus infection. But this is considered poor practice because the CT scan does not always give an accurate answer, and the cost is a factor. The findings are not as clear as for a broken bone. ( what if we took an X ray on everyone with a cold! Ugh!) Bacterial sinusitis is fairly clear cut: fever, facial pain, tenderness over the sinus and teeth, redness of the nasal membranes and purulent discharge. There can be cough , sneezing and fever. But common cold symptoms may overlap. The ENT doctor has the advantage of viewing the sinus openings with a telescope (called endoscopy) and can see individual sites of sinus drainage. When the discharge and symptoms are one sided and localized, that indicates sinusitis. You don’t want to give antibiotics for a common cold. a.Since it is a virus, antibiotics won’t cure the condition b.If you are not giving the right antibiotic and the right dose all you may be doing is developing antibiotic resistant strains. c.You build up unnecessary drug resistance this way d.Excess antibiotics are known to have serious side effects.

Generally if the cold lasts more than a week, a sinus infection has taken place. Most rhinovirus colds last a week, and most gradually improve over the next 7 – 10 days. But, if after a week the symptoms haven’t changed, or are worse, then it is probably a bacterial sinus infection that needs treatment. A sinus culture can be of real value, as drug resistant bacteria exist in localized areas. Doctors obtain information about resistant organisms in their areas and can give better treatment. A serious problem about antibiotics for suspected sinus infection is that some reports show little difference in outcome in acute cases between placebo and antibiotic!

The best thing to do, is to prevent a cold from becoming a sinus infection. The key steps are:

Bed rest and lots of fluids No nose blowing or if you must, very gentle and both sides open. Hot tea, lemon and honey. Drink till the urine turns light. A decongestant or nasal spray to open the swollen nasal passages after the first day. Pulsatile irrigation to remove any mucus containing bacteria. If the drainage is heavy colored, do pulsatile irrigation twice a day Chicken soup to improve cilia movement Pulsatile irrigation to improve cilia movement A relaxed attitude

Note: it’s the chemicals in green or black tea that helps the cilia. Herbal teas don’t count. Teas without caffeine are OK.

If you are a person that really gets sick with a cold, and catches cold easily, you may benefit by doing pulsatile irrigation when you need to be in the office when everyone there has a cold. By doing irrigation you remove a product called ICAM -1. This is the portal of entrance for the common cold. If there is no ICAM -1, there is no portal of entrance. What is important too, is not to panic when a cold starts. The more anxiety the less natural resistance. Spend your time and thoughts on drinking the tea and chicken soup, rest, watch TV, listen to music, and usually after the first day, the symptoms will be reduced. The concept of rushing to the pharmacy, popping all kinds of pills, spraying all kinds of nasal sprays in a desperate attempt to feel normal is what can lead to cold complications. Your body has been fighting colds for thousands of years. Give it a chance. A relaxed state the first 24 hours is the very best medicine you can buy and it doesn’t have side effects! If you are a parent, the most important thing you can do for a child is to teach very gentle nose blowing. That will prevent much ear and sinus problems. And, as has been taught for generations, the best drug for your child is chicken soup. Tea is fine too and you can use decaffeinated tea. Push the liquids. In today’s world, anything you can do to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics, will help reduce your future need for stronger antibiotics.

Murray Grossan, M.D. Author: The Sinus Cure (Ballantine 2007)

Identify The Signs Of Ovarian Cysts

Cysts are very small bags looking like blisters and filled with fluid. Women who are of the reproductive age commonly have cysts. They look like growths that are the size of almonds on each side of the uterus. This said, the imbalance of progesterone and estrogen, two of the female hormones, can also give rise to abnormal cysts such as dermoid cysts, endometrinoma cysts and cystadenoma cysts. In many cases these are not harmful and clear up by themselves. There are many signs concerning ovarian cysts, which allow for early detection if you know how to recognize them.

For many women, ovarian cysts do not result in any specific symptoms. Inactive tumors will probably not cause any symptoms. This is certainly the case when the cyst is very small. Sometimes the tumors that generate particular hormones can lead to specific symptoms. Bleeding even after menopause may start for women with a feminizing tumor. Girls with ovarian cysts who are still too young for puberty may start bleeding early and grow breasts and body hair. In some cases cysts will grow and bring on abdominal bloating as they become bigger. A woman in this case will go to the toilet often because of the additional pressure on the bladder and the bowels. In this case such a crucial indication of ovarian cysts must not be neglected. Other indications include pain during intercourse. A further frequent sign of ovarian cysts is when periods are heavy or irregular.

If a woman has an active masculine tumor, then periods may stop and she may begin to develop masculine features such as deepening of the voice, increased size of the clitoris and facial hair. It is possible for a woman to live with a cyst for many years without knowing it. However if the cyst has grown on a stem and the stem becomes twisted, this may also produce serious pain, an increase in the rate of heartbeat and vomiting. The name for this critical condition is torsion and it requires immediate action. If a cyst ruptures, the effects on a patient will depend on what the cyst contained, as well as any degree of bleeding or infection. A cyst that ruptures typically causes some pain but not necessarily as much as with torsion. If you experience an abnormal swelling of your abdomen then be sure to consult a doctor or a clinic. Because of the absence of symptoms in the cases of many ovarian cysts, they are often only discovered during ultrasound scans or routine checkups being performed for other reasons.

So as to achieve long-term relief from ovarian cysts and their symptoms, the only real solution is a holistic treatment. Conventional medicine does not give effective treatment for ovarian cysts because it only focuses on relieving pain for symptoms. Several drug exists that may be prescribed for ovarian cyst treatment, but they do not bring a permanent solution. Many of them also have unfortunate second effects.

No unique sign of ovarian cysts exists for diagnosing ovarian cysts reliably. In certain instances, there is no symptom whatsoever. In other cases the symptoms manifest themselves as ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory diseases and endometriosis. Other ailments seemingly unrelated such as appendicitis and diverticulitis have also proved to generate symptoms and indications looking like those of an ovarian cyst. However, it is imperative to keep a lookout for any of the above. The classic sign of torsion in an ovarian cyst is intense abdominal pain accompanied by fever and nausea. Another common sign of ovarian cysts is menstrual cramps that are also known under the name of period pains, or by their medical appellation of dysmenorrhea. Up to a certain level, period pain may be usual, but some patients accept a high level of pain considering it to be normal. Bad menstrual cramps may suggest other impairments including those of ovarian cysts.

An indication of ovarian cysts is a continuing dull pulsing pain spreading from the lower back out to the thighs, as is a piecing pain in the pelvis just before the period starts or just before it ends. Other signs also linked to ovarian cysts are vomiting and fever and the sensation of a heavy or full abdomen. These signs may be numerous in some cases and completely absent in others. In the early stages, victims of ovarian cysts indicate a feeble pain or a feeling of fullness. The existence of ovarian cysts may also be signalled by pain when having intercourse. Piercing pains when pressure is applied to the bowels or during bowel movements are also to be treated with suspicion. In addition, signs often taken to be signs of pregnancy such as tenderness of the breasts, nausea and vomiting, can in fact indicate ovarian cysts. The best plan is to obtain counsel from a certified gynaecologist if you notice any of the above symptoms.

In order to remedy and prevent future ovarian cysts, a smarter choice is a holistic treatment that allows for the cure and elimination of ovarian cysts permanently. Even if several options of treating or managing ovarian cysts are available, some of these only target the diminution of the painful symptoms rather than resolving the underlying disease. A holistic solution is also the quickest and safest way to rid yourself of ovarian cyst infection today and for the future.

Fyola Facial Massager + Free Gel – Galvanic Facial Machine

Fyola Facial Massager – Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from an Ultrasound Facial?

With Fyola Facial Massager it’s like having the benefits of a professional spa in the comfort of your home. You will be able to enjoy a Non-Surgical Face Lift and Facial Exercise Treatment which will promote the following benefits:

* Sagging cheek muscles are lifted, promoting remarkably improvement
to the smile lines from the corners of the nose to the mouth.
Hollowness under the eyes are largely the results of Sagging cheek

* You will notice the Lines around the entire eye area showing
improvement. Improved circulation will eliminate fluid build-up
resulting in Puffy eye lids being dramatically reduced.

* Exercising the forehead muscles results in noticeable reduction of
wrinkles and it also irrigates the epidermis to improve complexion.

* Exercising the forehead muscles results in noticeable reduction of
wrinkles and it also irrigates the epidermis to improve complexion.

* The jowls are reduced as jaw lines are firmed up.
* Lifts and smooth the pouches at the corners of a droopy mouth.

* The appearance of a double chin is dramatically reduced, by firming
and toning the chin line.

* Rejuvenate the youthful contours of the neck and jaw line.

How long before Ill notice results?

Depending on your muscle tone you may start to notice the improvements in as little as 4-6 weeks. Everyone should see a noticeable improvement within 10-12 weeks.

How often should I take the facial treatments?

A treatment of 15-20 minutes a day is required to produce visible improvements to the 8 exercise points on each side of the face. Each of these points may be exercised for 3 minutes each. If faster results are desired, you may use the facial more than once a day; however there must be a minimum of 5 hours between sessions.

You may also vary the exercises throughout the day (Example: you can do the upper part of your face in the morning and lower part of your face in the evening). There is no particular order in which you must perform the treatments. Many of our clients do the exercises while enjoying their favorite past time.

How long must I continue the Fyola Facial Massager treatment sessions?

Be prepared to perform the facial treatment for at least 5 treatments a week, during a 3-month period. If there are particular problem areas it may take several months longer depending on the amount of damage to be reversed. Remember, you may be reversing years of damage from factors including gravity, stress, loss of elasticity, and the sun. When maximum results have been attained, 2 or 3 times a week will be needed to maintain the improvements. Exercises for the facial muscles require a regular maintenance program, just as regular exercise for the body.

What does the treatment feel like?

Our clients find the facial treatments of Fyola Facial Machine very comfortable. After the treatment, you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed. Your skin will feel much tighter and firm.

Are there any conditions when treatment should not be used?

It must not be used by anyone suffering from multiple sclerosis, a nervous tissue disorder, an acute medical condition, or if you have an implanted pace maker. In addition, you must obtain a doctor’s advice when the following conditions exist: skin diseases/cuts/recent scar tissue/visible thread veins/lack of normal skin sensation or swollen glands in the area to be treated. Remember, if in doubt, always consult your doctor.

Are there any age restrictions on people performing ultrasonic facial treatments?

Men and women can begin using the ultrasonic Facial Machine For maintaining and improving facial muscle tone, beginning in their early 20’s and onwards. It is also vital to note that as you get older, there may come a point where it is not only the sagging and slackness of muscles that needs to be reversed.

In cases where there is excess skin, cosmetic surgery may be needed to correct this problem. If you elect to have cosmetic surgery, you may continue the treatments afterward to maintain your results (after your doctor gives you permission to do so). Remember, even with cosmetic surgery, you may not have totally corrected the problem. Fyola can help to maintain the results by building strong facial muscles and improving the elasticity of the skin.

How safe is the Fyola Facial Machine?

For more than 10 years now Ultrasonic Facial Machines have been in use in beauty salons. They are completely safe. The current draw on this portable unit is very low and it is powered by a 12 Volt AC/DC adopter. The Fyola Facial Machines are thoroughly tested to comply with strict safety standards. It is UL and FDA listed.

Can I see the Ultrasound Wave Working?

Ultrasound wave is not visible to the human eyes. The deep micro-vibration that is emitted from the ultrasound Facial Massager is so rapid that it cannot be seen or felt at the surface of the skin. So you may mistakenly think that your machine is not working.